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Wow - 350lbs of hand hewn character!
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Midwest Barn and Timber Co. creates custom; hand-crafted, rustic furniture from reclaimed barnwood. We feel that nothing else compares to the authentic, weathered character of this 150-year-old material.

Old barns are pieces of our history and a testament to our heritage. Sadly, these iconic landmarks are slowly disappearing from our landscape as centuries of weather and neglect takes its toll on these beloved structures. As these buildings come down, it makes available to us some of the most distinctive wood that you will ever find.

All of our furniture is crafted using this reclaimed lumber from barns throughout the midwest. Knots, nail holes, splits, checks, open beam pockets and mortises add a distinctive and unique charm to each of our hand-crafted pieces.

We feel fortunate to be able to preserve a part of our ancestry in such a singular and distinctive manner. Every piece of furniture we create carries with it a story of a time gone by. We hope you feel the same. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Call us at 815-600-0650 for more information.

Midwest Barn & Timber Co. | Morris, IL

Midwest Barn & Timber Co. provides rustic reclaimed furniture across the Midwest and the U.S, including to Naperville, Geneva, Morris, Joliet, Ottawa, Streator, Aurora, Yorkville and Oswego, IL as well as the surrounding areas of Northern Illinois.