Our Process


Each custom table or piece of furniture made by Midwest Barn & Timber is the result of a process that focuses on creativity, craftsmanship and communication.


1. Design

Design begins with understanding your needs. We talk extensively with all of our customers to learn their goals and the project parameters. Once we know what you are envisioning, we draw on our experience with the materials and methods of construction, and we communicate ideas for your potential solution. We view the design process as a dialogue, where your needs and our expertise intersect. 

2. Procure

Hand-hewed beams, floor joists, trusses and other structural pieces are chosen based on the desired outcome of each piece. Larger beams can be used as-is or milled into usable material based on the specifics of the project. Wood types vary from pine, oak, chestnut and hickory. Each species of wood offers its own unique character to the finished piece.

3. Construct

Hand-chiseled mortise and tenon joinery is used whenever the project allows. Mortise and tenon construction has been the superior joinery method for centuries and is the mainstay of the construction of our bases. We feel this method is far superior to screws or bolts and provides our clients with a very high quality piece that you can be proud to own. 

4. Finish

Once the construction process is complete, finishes are chosen according to the customer’s desired look of the finished product and the intended use of the piece. Various professionally sprayed finishes, hand-rubbed oil blends and even waxes can be applied to highlight the unique character within the wood and are tailored to meet the expectations of our customers.  All of our finishes are very durable and most importantly, easily cared for. 

5. Install

Midwest Barn & Timber will deliver and install the table to your home or office. We can deliver almost anywhere in the Chicago area. We are also able to ship pieces to your home should you not live in our immediate area. In many cases, our pieces can be very heavy. For this reason, we will often attach the table tops to the bases at your home. Felt or rubber pads are then added to the base to protect your floor. This process is very simple and takes very little time. One last rub-down and you’re ready to enjoy your own piece of history. We’ll also provide you with care recommendations for your new piece.  


We feel very fortunate to be able to create for you a truly unique and one of a kind piece of furniture that we hope you will cherish for a very long time.  A piece of furniture embedded with the history and heritage of the proud structure from which it was inspired. The look on our customers faces when we deliver their piece is truly a very rewarding part of what we do.


“Excellent craftsmanship!!”